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CBD Oil for PTSD as a Coping Mechanism

By: Allen Bauer Theses veterans have been suffering for a long time and what Lee from Kings Harvest wants to do is for the first 100 patient to come through his door with proper ID and a California state recommendation from a doctor, he will give them a free bottle of...

PTSD Medical Marijuana Patient Interview

By: Allen Bauer “ Me personally smoke for my PTSD, anxiety, spasms, to eat, to take care of the nausea after I eat, and for the pain”. The video starts off with a quote from the patient. He smokes for six different reasons,to relieve pain...

PTSD and Medical Marijuana. A must watch

By: Intergr8Health Dr. Justin Sulak D.O. in this video talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and some safe and very productive treatment options including medical cannabis , which has been recently approved by the state of Maine to treat...